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Response to Sheer Beauty

Response to Sheer Beauty, Universal, all pervading, has to be in the same way universal, all pervading, etc. If not, then the response does not fit or suit the original uniqueness of the premise which Sheer Beauty expresses. From an individuated reality, a response in consequence of that individuation is expected. However, this depends upon the possibility and receptivity of the individual. Yet the response should be as general and Universal and as Sheer, just as the origin of that which requires the response is Unique, Universal and Sheer. Those who can so respond, and only the perfect servant of that Sheer Beauty can respond in that way, is where the mystery of Union resides, since this service is the most sublime service, simply because man can do this merely in reflection, and 'one moment of reflection is equal to 70,000 years of devotional prayer'. The short conclusion of this is the test of one's receptivity, one's concordance with the Divine Plan and one's acceptance of unconditional service to that Sheerness and one's ability to do so.

If one asks oneself, 'Am I capable of this?', the answer is general and universal. There is no man who is in the image of He who has fashioned man in His own image who has not been given, in potential, that ability. What then hinders each or any, is the choice so to do or not, or, in other words, the resolve so to serve or not, without in that service there being any odour of an intention of serving oneself even marginally or accidentally. Finally, all depends on the individuated individual.

From Addresses II

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